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Hello ^_^

Have you ever thought you were born in the wrong decade? Told you were ‘an old soul’? Love old things more than new? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the modern conveniences just as much as the next person. But for me there has always been an allure to the life our Parents and Grandparents experienced. Imagine living in a time where family gathered around a radio to listen to our beloved Hockey Night in Canada, not a television. Where microwaves were a form of communication, not how you cooked tonight’s dinner. When men wore suits and women wore dresses. A letter was handwritten. Records were double sided and made of vinyl. The sound of perfection to me.

But here I am in the year 2015, and trying to keep life simple. And enjoying every minute. How do I do that you might ask? Well… As a wife, a homemaker, a dreamer, a crafter, a baker, an optimist, a hopeless wanderer. As an ‘old soul’. 😊

This little corner of the Internet is where I want to share with you my passions, my creative outlets, my recipes, my travels, and my stories. And hope to find people who like me, like to keep it simple.

“Life is too important to be taken seriously” – Oscar Wilde

Sweet Pea 😘



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