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Sugar Sand Beaches And Sharks!

Who doesn’t love to travel?! Growing up, and buying a house seriously puts a damper on the travel budget. Ahh the joys of being an adult. I wish I was brave enough to be one of those people that sell everything and see the world. Baby steps…

That leads us to our most recent trip. The hubby never had been on an all inclusive vacation before. Crazy I know… who doesn’t want to go on a trip where you can eat, and drink as much as you want while being steps away from a beach?! The man I married apparently. But approaching our 6th anniversary, I was finally able to convince him, it would be a good idea. Phew! Now if that battle wasn’t hard enough, we then had to pick agree on a place to go. The usual Cuba, Dominican, Mexico, didn’t interest him. I needed to get more adventurous. Eventually Bahamas came up and success! We had a winner.

We flew out of Toronto on October 11th. Yup, we decide to go to Bahamas and that’s the year they got hit with a crazy hurricane. It didn’t affect our trip at all thankfully. Our flight was with Sunwing. 2 words, champagne & service. Together they sound so lovely don’t they? It’s not out of a flute like the adverts show, but I’m not complaining.

We stayed at The Riu on Paradise Island. It’s one of those places that you worry about going to after reading trip advisor reviews. People write horror stories that make you second guess every decision. We had an awesome time and would stay there again. Another case of don’t believe everything you read.

I got up super early every morning to watch the sunrise. It was an over load to the senses. But in a good way. The sky was painted pink, the water was an unreal shade of turquoise, and the white sand beaches just made everything pop! It was a truly breathtaking view.

Even though I can’t swim very well (don’t judge, I can float like nobody’s business), the water is one of my favourite places to be in. It’s very calming. We both love to snorkel and went everyday while we were down there. The highlight of the vacation was the half day trip we did with Stuart Cove’s. It wasn’t a booze cruise which is one of the things that attracted us the most… More time in the actual water! And we were doing enough boozin’ at the hotel. I cannot say enough good things about it. They took us to 2 different reef spots. So many colourful fish and beautiful coral. Just be careful if you choose to feed the fish. Not for anyone who gets claustrophobic, since the fish do swarm. I thought it was awesome at first with all the angel fish dancing around me… and then a Bermuda Chub crashed the party and thought my finger looked like a good alternative to the pellets. Ouch! I was more worried I wasn’t going to be allowed in the water at the last stop. That’s because we were going to go swim with SHARKS! Okay not great whites or hammerheads, but reef sharks are still sharks. I was assured my bloody finger wasn’t going to be a problem. (Sharks really don’t care about human blood, who knew? I feel like Discovery channel has let me down.) Even though the sharks were a far distance away from me, getting in the water got my adrenaline pumping. Maybe it was being so close to the Tongue of the Ocean, or looking down at these beautiful creatures swimming around a sunken ship, but the whole experience felt very surreal. Looking back at the video and pictures, it sometimes is hard to believe that “Hey, I did that”! Bucket List ✅

Food is always a big part of a trip wherever you go. The food at the Hotel was really good. Lots of variety so you couldn’t get bored.  But we also like to try real local food and that meant getting off the resort. A quick taxi drive took us to Arawak Cay for the “fish fry”. There were so many restaurants to choose from, but we ended up at “Oh Andros”. It was busy, so that’s usually a good sign. It smelled delicious and the plates were piled high with food. So it turned out to be a solid choice. Now when I say the food was piled, it’s no joke. The 2 of us were able to share a plate of cracked conch, peas and rice, plantain and coleslaw, and still struggled to finish it completely. I would definitely go there again and try the conch salad next time? (Realistically, I would probably not eat as much at the resort that day and order both.)

Even though we weren’t gone for many days, the vacation was very relaxing. The days were long, the sand was like sugar and the water was warm. Paradise Island really is a little piece of paradise not far from home.

“Some of the best memories are made in flip flops” – Kellie Elmore

On a side note, all the in water/underwater pics were taken with our Ricoh WG M1. This camera was worth every penny! If you want to know more about it, leave a note in the comments 🙂

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